integrating tutuka with magento

A Guide on integrating Tutuka Card with a Magento website


According to the statistics given by Builtwith, the top three E-commerce platforms were WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento respectively. The popularity of WooCommerce and Shopify is self-explanatory as they are very user-friendly platforms to start your own website and most of the features are easy to install on your online store. But they have their restrictions like integrating the Tutuka card, which leads users with specific needs to opt for the Magento Platform. It is more diversified and allows an extensive customization option that its rival platforms do not offer like integrating Tutuka card with Magento. But it is achieved by sacrificing the easy to build attribute that Shopify and WooCommerce offer. To build a customized website on Magento, you require a certain level of technical knowledge or someone with that knowledge. E-Sparks is a leading website development company with major expertise in Magento. There are lots of extensions available on the Magento marketplace that solves most of the users need for integration or some specific feature. But when there isn’t one, you can also build up your extension according to your desired functionalities, but then again you require a certain level of coding expertise to achieve that. Most of the people who are looking to build up their own online store do not have that skill, so they take help from specialized Magento development agencies like E-Sparks to get their work done.

Tutuka Integration with Magento

A known clothing brand faced a similar dilemma of integrating Tutuka Card with Magento and decided to get experts’ help when they didn’t find any available solution market place. The basic requirement of the brand was to integrate Tutuka coupon functionality with their online store that will allow the buyers to:

1. Buy a new Tutuka card from their website

2. Use Tutuka coupon for shopping on their online store

3. Check their available balance in Tutuka Card.

Tutuka is basically a third-party prepaid processer with a global presence. It enables payments via virtual and physical cards for partners like banks, Telcos, retailers, developers, and fin-techs across the world.

To integrate a new feature, it was first necessary to understand the current functionality and cash flow of the online store. To able to identify the points where the new feature will be introduced, the flow diagram for the website was created and studied. Tutuka has its own open API’s that you can insert in any of your system or mobile app to integrate it with Tutuka. Two built-in events of Magento were used to integrate the Tutuka card with the website.

Check Out

At check out event in Magento, the Tutuka API extension was integrated that enabled customers to check their available balance of Tutuka card. It also notified the user about the remaining balance after deducting the price of the items in their cart at check out. In case their Tutuka balance was less than the total bill of items in their cart, it notified how much discount from

Tutuka will be used and asked for specifying the remaining payment method to be used by the user.

Place Order

At the place order event, Tutuka API was integrated with Magento that rechecked the balance from the Tutuka account before placing an order. This check was introduced to confirm that the same user is not trying to place an order from multiple devices by using the same Tutuka card spontaneously.

Buy Tutuka Card

To enable a user to buy Tutuka card balance a special product page was designed. This page contained vouchers of the different amounts that can be bought by users through other payment methods to add the amount in their Tutuka Card.