Palletways Integration with Magento


A renowned freight solution experts that operate domestically as well as internationally within 24 European countries. There are multiple extensions available that integrate Palletways with Magento stores. Palletways integration with Magento is quite easy and saves you a lot of hassle.

Palletways, Royal Mail, MyHermes, DPD, DPD Local, and ChannelGrabber are multiple extensions that allow a user to link all of their courier accounts to print your labels from a single unified interface, saving you a significant amount of time and energy.

Man with Tab displaying freight process

Changes to the Existing Palletways Extension

Our client came with a previously installed Palletways API extension on their Magento store.   

Previously the Palletways extension was integrated with Magento store using a single depo/warehouse API key. The client requested the ability to allow; multiple Palletways depots/warehouses. So, we added a new custom admin area that will let us add Palletways depots with related API keys. Now, when the admin selects orders to send to Palletways while reviewing the consignment before sending it to Pallet Ways, the admin will be able to select which depo/warehouse/API key to use. This allows the client to send orders out of different warehouses of his choosing. 

network of Palletways

List of actions: 

  • We added an admin configuration in Magento that will allow adding multiple Palletways accounts. 
  • We added Export to a multiple Palletways option in actions drop-down in the order grid page. 
  • We displayed an order delivery address in-order grid against every order. 
  • The store owner will be able to select orders from the order grid, on the basis of address, and then will select from actions dropdown to export to First Palletways or Second.

Configure multiple Palletways accounts

Palletways Multi-Account Configuration scenario was as follows: 

Go to 

System→Configuration → Sales → Palletways Integration 

Palletways Integration → API → Multi-Accounts information 

Click on the “Add more” button and you will be able to add multi-account information. After saving the configuration you will be able to see multiple Palletways action in order grid and review order grid.

Palletways extension UI

Display Address Column in Order Grid

Got to 

System → Configuration → MagestyApps Extensions → Custom Order Grid 

Custom Order Grid → General Settings → Enable Grid Columns 

Select columns from the dropdown to display in the order grid. 

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