Futon bed from Japan

Producer of hand-made authentic Japanese bedding and have been doing this for 100 years! In Japanese, mattress is known as ‘Shikibuton’, in the West they are called Futons, Futons Beds or Futon mattress. All of Shikibutons are made in Japan and ship directly from the Japan to the customer.

Client Requirement

  • Site revamp
    • Responsive design
    • Product detail page
    • Theme design
    • Theme development


After detailed discussion we gathered information on following key points from the client:

  • Data from the existing website
  • Discussion with the client to list down changes required for the website


After gathering information, analysis was performed to identify the following details:

  • Resource management
  • Timeline creation
  • Selection of extensions required


We shared following initial outcomes with the client:

  • Specification document
  • Prototype Design
  • Milestones
  • Timeline
  • Cost Estimation



Product Detail Option
Project Development Stack
Client Feedback

Umair is extremely conscientious, quite experienced and works diligently to have good customer service. He responds quickly to my email requests (keeping in mind that he lives in another country and has to sleep some time.) You will likely have a very good experience working with Umair and his team.

Niels Przybilla